Monday, September 19, 2005


One Man's Junk...

I found the following from last year when sorting through my old sent items at work - seemed funny enough to relive :)

My council is having one of those "collect any junk from your verge" weeks, so I dutifully piled all my best junk up on the verge on the weekend. I clearly beat anyone in the street on sheer quantity, the competition was just a matter of who had the best quality junk.

Well the early bird scavengers were cruising already on Sunday, crawling past with eagle eyes. Some had trailers hitched, others made do with back seats and roof racks. I remained calm well encountering the junk collectors, I was sure that a sales pitch would scare them off.

Sunday was quiet - just got rid of power cord for a Commodore 128D - he was clearly tempted by the actual computer too, but he settled for the cord only.

Monday after work and the pile looked no different except an old briefcase was gone - depression was starting to hit.

Tuesday after work and I realised that some major sales had been made - no need to doubt the high quality of my junk. Some of the highlights:
Interesting, I had gained two shovel heads - obviously someone thought that my junk was so good that they had to make space! No interest in the old trampoline frame and the fake wood look colour TV?

Strangely my neighbour resents the scavengers going through his junk - some people are weird don't ya reckon :)

ps - speaking of junk, as of today, I am no longer an e-bay virgin!

I remember this email :) You should write more in this style, it makes for good reading.
thank you
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