Saturday, August 06, 2005


VS2005 Beta 2 Crashes

In my two weeks using VS 2005 Beta 2 (Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 Beta 2) I have had the IDE crash twice.

The first time I restarted VS2005 I was pleasantly surprised that a dialog sprung up apologising for the inconvenience and offering to restore the unsaved changes to the files that I had open during the crash. Very flash, I was impressed!

After the second crash, there was no offer to restore files. I am assuming that I had only recently manually saved, so it hadn’t done an auto-save yet perhaps?

Unfortunately Microsoft hasn’t learn anything from my crash experiences because I forgot that I had disabled the Error Reporting Service. I had disabled all services that I deemed non-crucial because I was trying to bring my memory requirements down to the absolute minimum. I had better remember to re-enable it next Monday just in case:)

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