Friday, June 03, 2005


My name is Troy and I am...

This morning at 4:00am the baby woke early and my wife told me to go continue sleeping in another bed while she tended to him. As I walk (stumble?) to the other room I pass my computer, so I check my RSS feeds and e-mail.

Sad.Sad.Sad. I am sure that even the people of the world that have RSS running through their veins during the day (Scoble are you there?) have better things to do at 4:00am

Hello, my name is Troy and I am an information addict.

hello troy. my name is greeny. i was an information addict. i deleted my rss reader. i became a bummer wholic. i reinstalled my rss reader. hooray. i'm back to an info addict.
We are all friends here :)
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